Breaking News videos for several brands !

We are currently filming Breaking news videos for many clients such as :
Acciplus, Platincoin, VIP Exposure, Bitcoin... 

Infomercials in 5 languages !

Finishing the videos Infomercials for our client "Floradyle" with our amazing actors, 
In 5 languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

"Floradyle" Commercials in 12 languages !

Currently preparing and filming "testimonial" and  "Instructional" videos
for our client "Floradyle" with our great actress and amazing actors/voice over
performing in 12 languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic,
Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish and Hebrew. 

"Heka Consulting" Medical video !

Medical video presentation for "Heka Consulting"

Producing "Barnes at Colcoa" Party promotional video !

Los angeles has hosted the French Film Festival "Colcoa" for the 21st time.
We are currently producing the promotional video filmed at the great evening "Barnes at Colcoa" party at the fine wine heritage in Beverly Hills.

Producing commercial videos for various brands !

We are currently filming commercial videos for many clients such as :
 Trip Advantage, Quebec Mag, Ocep, Kiss me organics, Hoverboards...

Filming "Virtual revolution" bonus DVD

We are currently filming Virtual Revolution's Dvd bonus by interviewing
 the director and producer Guy-Roger Duvert.

Producing Corporate videos

We are currently filming corporate videos for various clients such as :
Buoyo, Rhinova, The Simon Method, Book and Pro...